HN Top post, Post mortem

I recently protested Google Fiber, and miraculously they decided to change their terms of service in response. I tweeted about it, (but didn’t include a url), and made a post on Hacker News that spent a while at the top of the page yesterday. I was forwarding to

I didn’t know how much traffic to expect, so I was worried about my server failing under the load. As it turns out, I had little to worry about.

I got a total of about 37k visitors yesterday, but my server handled it fantastically. Here are some screenshots of my logging reports.


I had been worried about bandwidth, so had asked my wife not to watch Netflix during the evening. I also switched the page to use a CDN for jQuery and Bootstrap at around 7 pm because I saw that they were using much more of my bandwidth than the simple html file at the heart of this.

When the kids were asleep my wife asked if it was ok to watch tv again, so I checked my bandwidth on the router, and saw how little I was actually using. So we watched some tv and I don’t think anyone even noticed.




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  1. M A Reeds, MD PhD
    M A Reeds, MD PhD October 16, 2013 at 4:53 am | | Reply

    Interesting site. It was the Google Fiber / Hacker News material that led me here.

    And thank you.


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