A big huge list of my projects


  • Crossies
  • Zenikinetic
  • Pohacker
  • Retcoin
  • Mistinguisher (needs funding for buying ultrasonic misters for prototype)
  • Hobby Hydraulics

Gizmos and projects

  • dizzy machine
  • smoke ring maker (prototype built!)
  • cable and flywheel based robotic actuator
  • dish washing robot
  • souplinux
  • serendipic
  • Snow brick maker
  • biycicle powered lawn mower

A better world

  • Homeless huts
  • Make utah as bike friendly as the netherlands
  • make frontrunner free for bike riders and families with small children.


  • kids sink
  • playhouse

Around the house

  • repair the kitchen faucet
  • fix the string trimmer
  • load up more limbs to take to the compost yard
  • keep dishes, laundry, and garbage under control
  • organize hackerspace stuff
  • fix leaks on roof
  • fix swamp coolers
  • mow the yard / get a goat
  • build chicken coop and get chickens

For the kids

  • Read more
  • Play more
  • Talk more
  • Hug more
  • Listen more
  • home built power wheels cars

Personal Development

  • python
  • tcl
  • android
  • exercise
  • eat healthy
  • keep in touch with friends
  • read more
  • do those things that make me happy

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  1. Sterling
    Sterling January 9, 2014 at 2:40 pm | | Reply

    I was wondering about the itanimulli website and what was the reason for its creation

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