Postgresql Replication

Postgresql streaming replication part 2: the standby machine

Building on part 2, we have set up the master to connect and store files on the wal-archive machine. Setting up the standby machine will be much like setting up the master… in fact you want to set it up exactly the same way… If it is to be able to take over, it should […]

Postgresql streaming replication part 1: remote wal archive

I finally got streaming replication to work! There were a few things that I needed to set up before it worked right… I will be working under the assumption that you already have SSL connections and authentication set up correctly. First the background. You are probably going to want your WAL archive on another machine, […]

Postgres SSL troubleshooting

I decided to try to build a troubleshooting matrix for Postgres SSL client and server problems because the solutions to each problem were far from intuitive.

Postgresql SSL certificates

I had a devil of a time getting SSL¬†communication¬†between a client and server on 2 virtual machines working, but I finally got it to work. Helpful documentation: First I followed instructions at to make a self signed root certificate for signing the server and client keys. On each certificate request I […]