Dang domains….

I’ve had lots of domains over the years, and I have let many expire.

Some however, I have lost because I could either not afford to keep them, or lost because they slipped through the cracks. I’m not very organized, and currently have domains under at least 7 accounts through at least 4 registrars. Here are a few that I don’t own any longer.


I lost this one when godaddy.com did not charge my card while the domain was set to auto-renew.  Truthfully, they had tried to charge the same card a couple of times for a different domain and there was no money, but I put money in the account, and at the time of expiration there was money there.


I’m not even sure when I lost this one because of the chaos, but prior to losing it, I had had a request to buy it. I suppose that I had asked too much for it because I never heard back from them.


This was the 3rd domain I bought. I was going to use it for an audio porn site along side HappyValleyPorno.com about 15 years ago. It’s kind of hard to get a 4 letter domain now, so I’m sorry I lost it. I think I lost it some time in the last couple of years.

Whenever I have a new idea for a business or project, I register domains. When I think of a funny phrase I register a domain. Registering a domain is almost my exploration of a space. If a good domain for an idea is available, then I get it and go for it. If everything I try is held by squatters (like me I guess) then I do something else.

Because most of my family income comes from real estate, we were not doing to great a couple of years ago. I did’n have enough money to keep all of the domains I had acquired. I had to make a bunch of hard choices about which domains to keep, and which to get rid of. Some expired and were snapped up, a few of them were not picked up. It kind of makes me wonder if any of the domains I have left are worth anything.

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