A tangled web of code

I have been thinking a lot about computing. I feel that many of the basic ideas about how computers work could be radically reformulated to create a much more secure and maintainable base to build future systems upon.

The basic building blocks of the languages we use are still the variable and the loop. Functions and objects help us, and we use external libraries to interface with hardware and the world. These ideas evolved hand in hand with the processors that run them, and it all came from early ideas about how we would use them.

What if we removed all of these ideas, and started over. What kind of processors could we build? what types of things could they do? What kind of interfaces would they have? how would we interact with them?

To me, the world of computers is distributed, and connected. Each input and output device I am near connects me to that world. Every input I touch spreads my will farther. Every output I sense brings that world into my brain.

I ask again. What if we removed the old ideas and started over?

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