Be the Ocean

I’ve discovered something about many of the business ideas and projects that I have been pursuing lately. They all have a common thread that I had not noticed before. They all involve the concept of “being the ocean”.

It is easier for water to enter the ocean than to leave the ocean. All water eventually flows to the ocean. Life needs water. The ocean is full of water. The ocean is teaming with life.

Man needs water. Man manipulates the flow of water. Man creates places the water can go into. Man has created artificial “oceans” so that we can can get water when we need it. When man has water, those places grow and thrive like the life in the natural ocean.

Man has other resources we need. Man manipulates the flow of these resources. Man creates places these resources can go. Man has created artificial “oceans” so that we can get these resources when we need them. When man has these resources, man can grow and thrive.

Our Artificial Oceans (naturall flow to endpoints):

Water: Reservoir. Spring. Irrigation system. City water supply. (Personal solar distillation.)

Food: Store. Restaurant. Farmers market. Refrigerator. Pantry. (Gardening robot.)

Shelter: Apartment. House. Hotel. Mortgage company. Realty company. (RetCoin.)

Energy: Public utility. Gas station. Private solar. (Dollargy.)

Money: Bank. Rich people. Corporation. Trust. (Provo Loan.)

Entertainment: Movie theatre. Radio. Television. Games. Internet. Amazon. (Crossies.)

Knowledge: Books. School. College. Library. Internet. (Develomat.)

News: Television. Newspaper. Internet. (Serendipic.)

Transportation: Railroad. Public transportation. Taxi. Private vehicle. (Autonomous vehicle.)

Manufactured goods: Stores. Landfills. 3-D printing. (ZeniKinetic)


Projects I am thinking about, working on, or have been involved with, are in parentheses.

Finding an ocean involves figuring out where the needed thing ends up or resides naturally, and how it is made available to those who need it. Harnessing an ocean involves positioning yourself at the end of that flow where you can supply it to those in need. Building an ocean involves creating a new place for that resource to flow and reside in until it is needed.


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